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Slot machine

Slot machine, call by many people jackpot (original English name) is basic equipment of any casino. This is nothing other than popular "machine" where we must draw a row of the same three/five symbols. When this happens, we are winners and we gain appropriate amount of money. As I said, slot machine is totally basic element of every casino and I can not imagine a casino (or online casino, it's the same thing) in which there won't be a place for slot machine. In case of online casino this matter is much more interesting. Many online casinos offer jackpots with wonderful graphics and climate of this which is most popular in public opinion. For example, we can meet slot machine which using a Star Wars music and graphics or the newest Lady Gaga album. Also, online casinos have much more types of slot machines. Besides standard types of slot machines with three rows there are also versions with four rows and newest, obtaining greatest popularity slot machines with five rows. They also called progressive machines (but recently they're called just slot machines) and this is because of way of play. In progressive machines winning is not counted from the regular, horizontal row but from from row combinations chosen by us. This makes slot machines much more exciting and it's also rising our chances of win.